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Since January 2005, we have been sourcing for products which fit the needs for the general public as well as to cater for the gadget crazed.
Starting with Digital Door Locks in 2005, we moved on to a car gadget called the ScanGauge and GSM Car Alarms in 2006. We took on Led Lenser (now rebranded as Ledlenser) in 2007 and  a China branded TPMS in 2008. We finally pulled the plug on that TPMS and decided on Orange TPMS from Taiwan in 2009.
In 2011, we launched the Boogie Board in Singapore. In 2013, we ordered 100 Kickstarter Pebble Smartwatches and sold them to individuals in SIngapore. In 2014, we brought in MonkeyLectric's MonkeyLights, spoke lights for bicycles which are able to show various patterns and designs. In 2017, we launched the Guardian Angel, a versatile Super-Bright light which can enable its user to be seen from 2 miles (3.2km) away.
We are constanly on the lookout for new products which we would ourselves be keen to use on a daily basis. 

First Customers

Our first customers are the most important to us. They use the products which sometimes nobody else in the world can get their hands on, first. The show it around. They spread the word about the new fangled device.
Its only after the 2nd or 3rd wave of customers come in that we do  make a decision as to go in, or if it goes to the bin.
Our storeroom is filled with Digital Locks of various brands, Speakers, Flashlights, Toys, Tablets and many more items which we feel just "cannot make it". Oftentimes, we do manage to sell off our sample sets as the quality of the items we do bring in are of a certain quality. But there are many times too, we just cannot see our customers using them and feeling good about it.
We make this decision to bring only quality products to market. Products which you will want to use, to show to your friends, and feel proud of owning it. We hope that it makes your life a whole lot better after owning it.

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