"We aim to bring new products, PREMIUM products, into the market at affordable prices. Our current product range of electronic locks, LED Lenser Flashlights, the ScanGauge II and Orange TPMS are moving in the market through our various Resellers. If you have something new to show us, please let us know! We love gadgets! " - The Gadget Home Team
Welcome to The Gadget Home

expertise lies in a whole assortment of Gadgets and Gizmos which we constantly purchase for ourselves.  Our aim is to bring these highly sought after products to you at hard-to-beat prices.

We've introduced our first product range, Digital Door Locks since January 2005.  We hope to unveil soon, more products which will be able to make it into your own gadgety homes.

In February 2006, we introduced the ScanGauge to Singapore.

In June 2006, we started selling the new ScanGauge II.

In August 2006, we became a distributor of LED Lenser flashlights in the region.

In 2008, we started selling a China-made TPMS.

In January 2009, we took the China-made TPMS off  the shelves due to reliability issues and replaced them with Award Winning Orange TPMS from Taiwan.

In April 2009, we finally took stock of the new range of CREE Led Lensers and these have taken the Singapore market by storm!

In 2010, we hope to bring a few more products to market. We have been feverishly ground-testing a few products which are currently unavailable in Singapore.
Our main issue is usually settling Distributorship first since there are so many entrepreneur-types these days who feed off parallel importing to destroy market prices. These parallel importers often cannot support warranty issues and have little technical know-how and mar the brand name which we try to bring up in our territory. With distributorship in place, we offer our customers (direct or through our Resellers) the full warranty offered by our Principal Manufacturers.

In some cases, our customers tell us that we are more expensive than some other guy's price out there in the market, but they would rather buy from us since we have been recommended by their friends mentioning about our service and support.

We aim to keep our customers happy by offering the best pricing possible, without hurting our own bottom(line). Seriously! I believe you would want to earn an honest living too.

Thanks for visiting us.

Yours Sincerely,

The Gadget Home Team


Life without keys? Now, that's freedom!

Digital Door Locks
Imagine leaving your bunch of keys at home.
Imagine using your cellphone or watch to unlock your door.
Imagine not having to worry about losing your keys again.
Imagine never having to call a locksmith to help you get in again.
Imagine having a pickproof lock which a locksmith can't ever open.
Imagine a lock so simple to use, a 2-year old can unlock it, yet so secure, the best locksmith can't pick.

Imagine no longer!  The solution is here!

LED Lenser Flashlights

Cool stuff for your home!

LED Lenser Flashlights
Personal protection and general purpose flashlights which last forever!
Get a LED Lenser today and your impression of handheld flashlights will never be the same.
Our best selling models are the P5, T5, P7 and T7!


Stuff to add on to your car.

The Scangauge II
An automotive computer which plugs and plays. (OBD2 Compliant cars only)
Scans for error codes, Trip Computer and Digital Gauges.
Check your l/100km and l/h real-time.

The Orange P409S Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
Check your tyre pressures from the comfort of your cabin.
Know when you need to visit the air / nitrogen pump without having to remove your tyre caps!
Be alerted when you have a leak and Catch that leak before it catches you!

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