"The different gauges on the ScanGauge II really lets me know how my car is performing. Watching the Litres-Per-Hundred-Kilometres (LHK) value drop on the Trip Computer as I cruise along really helps me squeeze out more of every tank! This is one valuable tool for every car owner!"

- K Koh, Mitsubishi Colt Turbo Version R Owner, Scangauge user

"The ScanGauge has saved me numerous times when my CEL (Check Engine Light) was on and I couldn't start my car. Sure beats carrying a laptop in the boot! Scan, Clear, Start Engine! A must for serious modders and trackies!"
- R Ong, BMW M3 Owner, Scangauge user

"I have saved myself a whole ton of trouble and time just by having the TPMS from The Gadget Home (ORANGE P409S TPMS) installed. It has "caught" 2 nails in two different tyres in seperate occasions. It may even have saved my life! I would hate to change my tyre along the Expressway!"
- E Goh, BMW 520i Owner, Orange TPMS user

ScanGauge II Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
ScanGauge II Tyre Pressure Monitoring System  

The ScanGauge II
The Gadget Home is the Exclusive Distributor of Scangauge II.
This new 3-in-one Automotive Computer plugs directly into the OBD2 port under the dashboard of most new cars made after 1996. The ScanGauge II is a scan tool, a digital gauge and a trip computer all rolled into one little box.
Perfect for the fuel-saver in each of us as it allows us to monitor petrol usage according to our driving styles.

Orange P409S Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
The Gadget Home is now an Official Distributor of Orange TPMS.
A simple yet important device for every car owner. Your tyres are the only contact points with the ground, fast or slow. Be warned if your tyre pressures get too high, or if the temperature gets too high as well. Blowouts, shredding your tyres and damaging your rims are a thing of the past. Pressure in Bar, KPa or psi. Temp in C or F.

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