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The Latest Electronic Digital Door Locks from iRevo Gateman, Samsung Ezon, Virdi, Firstech Mykey, Leo, Evernet Nabi and Haudi.

Gateman Locks
�We do not like carrying keys. I don't believe anyone does! We decided to get the Virdi 430FP Biometric Fingerprint Lock as it was so "James Bond"-cool! We have recommended it to all our friends.� - Kevin Goh, Virdi 430FP User 
Gateman MX540 Gateman Rose Gateman SB740
Gateman MX540 Gateman SB740
Gateman MX540 (RFID)
The MX540 is the direct successor to the previous models Gateman Smart and SR. This mortise lock has a solid feel, giving a strong sense of security to its users. This strong, sturdy lock is worthy of its price. It programs up to 20 RFID Cards, programmable 3 to 12 digit PIN and has a screeching 80dB alarm. We provide 6 cards and 2 chips with it.
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Gateman MB740 (Biometric)
New in store. The Gateman MB740 Biometric Digital Door Lock. This new unit is the top-of-the-line, best-in-class and ultimate Ferrari of Biometric Main Door Locks. This is a mortise lock.
Featuring the same technology as the SB740,  the MB740 is quick to respond and is very secure.
Review - coming soon.
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Gateman SB740 (Biometric)
New to the line-up, this model is currently only on pre-order. It's release date internationally is not yet set, but we are bringing in some units for the first-movers! Super-cool, ultra-radical Fingerchip technology, not the usual stuff. Sleek, sturdy, pricey. Who cares?? I'm getting one!.
Review - click here
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Gateman Digital Door Locks
Gateman Range of Digital Door Locks
Gateman is Korea's number one brand of Digital Door Locks.  Mention the name "Gateman" to a Korean and he or she will likely know what you are looking for.  Gateman continually improves themselves and churns out new models on a consistent basis.  Unfortunately, not all models are available internationally and so we have to make do with the best of the lot, which is what we bring in.  Amazing products at great prices! 
Mykey 2300 Lock
Previously, when I used a normal lock, on several occasion, I actually forgot to take my keys from the door keyhole and left them hanging outside overnight without realizing it. With my new lock, I would not need to worry anymore because there are no keys or keyhole. Also, I never have to worry if the door is locked as it locks every time it shuts in the Automatic Locking mode.
-  Mohd Azrin, Punggol, Mykey 2300 user
�I purchased two MyKey 2300 locks for my new home. The installation instructions were very easy to follow and the installation itself was a breeze. The locks work great. I stashed the supplied RFID keys in several places including my watch band, the glove boxes of our cars, our cell phones, my wallet, etc. so I'm never without a key handy.  The auto-locking feature is great because now my wife and I can just close the door and go, listening to the little chirp that says that the door is locked. When we had contractors in the house, it was a snap to temporarily turn off the auto-locking feature, and boy was the builder impressed! The MyKey 2300 is a neat toy, a great convenience, and a fantastic lock!�  -  Daniel Einspanjer, Salem, NH, USA, Mykey 2300 user
Mykey 2300
Mykey 2300
The Mykey 2300 (RFID)
Up to 50 programmable RFID Cards
Automatic / Manual Locking Modes
Cool Blue Backlit Number Pad
Easy Programming and Usage
Imaginary Number feature
9V Backup Battery Point
Built-in Burglar Alarm
One-touch Operation
Hidden PIN Pad

Need we say any more??

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Hyundai DoorCap Locks
Dickson Hyundai
�When I get back at the same time as my neighbour, I get in my apartment in 2 seconds, leaving him out there fiddling with his keys in the lock.  Adding to that, he has got three locks to open up, and each one has got a "FOR LOCKSMITH, CALL 90099XX9" sticker on it!  No locksmith gets into my apartment, since there's no keyhole to pick.�   Dickson Ong, Punggol, DoorCap Smart User
DoorCap Touch    
DoorCap Touch        
New Lock coming soon to replace this outgoing model.
Watch for it soon!

DoorCap Touch (iButton)

Everything you wanted in a Digital Door Lock at a low, low price. Same features as DoorCap Smart, except it is using iButton. It has a keypad too, so PIN access is also available. Pickproof and extremely secure.

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Clarence Virdi
�We don't carry keys for the home any longer. We never have to worry about losing our keys or leaving them in the keyhole, like previously. Every member of the family has access to the home at their fingertips, literally.� - Clarence Ong, Jurong, Virdi 450FP user
Virdi 400FP Virdi 450FP  
Virdi 400FP Virdi 450FP    
The Virdi 400FP (Biometric)
This sleek model by Virdi is their top of the line model for homes and apartments.  Nothing needs to be slid, opened or moved for you to unlock your door. Just press the button, and place your fingerprint on the reader.  This unit is also easy to install and can be done easily by a DIYer.

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The Virdi 450FP (Biometric)
The Virdi 450FP is designed as an additional lock or replacement lock, which is suitable for apartments, homes, HDB and even offices.  Easy to use and learn, this makes a great lock to enhance the security of your main door. Stores up to 35 fingerprint templates in memory.

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The Virdi 430FP (Biometric)
We now have the new Virdi 430FP Biometric Digital Door Lock available.
This unit comes with a automatic sliding cover and the same speedy recognition by Virdi themselves!
Touch the button to slide the cover up, put your finger into activate the reader and let the cover close automatically when its done. It even has 3 emergency keys!

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