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“When I get back at the same time as my neighbour, I get in my apartment in 2 seconds, leaving him out there fiddling with his keys in the lock.  Adding to that, he has got three locks to open up, and each one has got a "FOR LOCKSMITH, CALL 90099XX9" sticker on it!  No locksmith gets into my apartment, since there's no keyhole to pick.”  - Dickson Ong, DoorCap Smart User
DoorCap Smart DoorCap Touch    
Usual Price : USD299  (SGD 499)
NOW ONLY :   USD249 (SGD 429)

DoorCap Smart (RFID)
The DoorCap Smart has everything you would need in a Digital Door Lock. From built-in alarm, to automatic / manual locking modes, to Dual PIN entry, to 9V back-up battery terminals, to Night Deadbolt and Wrong-try lockout.

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Usual Price : USD250  (SGD 410)
NOW ONLY :   USD180 (SGD 300)

DoorCap Touch (iButton)

Everything you wanted in a Digital Door Lock at a low, low price. Same features as DoorCap Smart, except it is using iButton. It has a keypad too, so PIN access is also available. Pickproof and extremely secure.

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