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Shirley Teh, Gateman SR User: “We had seen such locks at new condominium launches and decided that it was the way to go. Finding the correct product to match our home was the difficult part, but The Gadget Home had just the right thing for our new home. No keys, no regrets!”
Gateman MX540 Gateman Rose Gateman SB740
Gateman MX540 Gateman SB740
Gateman MX540 (RFID)
The MX540 is the direct successor to the previous models Gateman Smart and SR. This mortise lock has a solid feel, giving a strong sense of security to its users. This strong, sturdy lock is worthy of its price. It programs up to 20 RFID Cards, programmable 3 to 12 digit PIN and has a screeching 80dB alarm. We provide 6 cards and 2 chips with it.
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Gateman MB740 (Biometric)
New in store. The Gateman MB740 Biometric Digital Door Lock. This new unit is the top-of-the-line, best-in-class and ultimate Ferrari of Biometric Main Door Locks. This is a mortise lock.
Featuring the same technology as the SB740,  the MB740 is quick to respond and is very secure.
Review - coming soon.
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Gateman SB740 (Biometric)
New to the line-up, this model is currently only on pre-order. It's release date internationally is not yet set, but we are bringing in some units for the first-movers! Super-cool, ultra-radical Fingerchip technology, not the usual stuff. Sleek, sturdy, pricey. Who cares?? I'm getting one!.
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Gateman Digital Door Locks
Gateman Range of Digital Door Locks
Gateman is Korea's number one brand of Digital Door Locks.  Mention the name "Gateman" to a Korean and he or she will likely know what you are looking for.  Gateman continually improves themselves and churns out new models on a consistent basis.  Unfortunately, not all models are available internationally and so we have to make do with the best of the lot, which is what we bring in.  Amazing products at great prices! 
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