"The power output from my LED Lenser P5 is unbelievable! It helped me out during a few blackouts during my stay in Mumbai! Thanks!"

- E. Chow, LED Lenser LL8405 P5 user, Occupation withheld.

"Now, everyone at my workplace wants to buy one! Amazing 200 lumen torch from simple AAA batteries!"
- M. Teo, LED Lenser LL8407 P7 user, Aircraft Engineer.

"I carried my T7 on my honeymoon in Italy and we shone down to the catacombs in Rome for all the other tourists to see! Without it, nobody could see anything down there!"
- I. Tan, LED Lenser LL7439 T7 user, Entrepreneur.

LED Lenser Flashlights BioSafe

LED Lenser CREE Flashlights
The Gadget Home is the Master Distributor of LED Lenser Flashlights in Singapore.
Beware of importers who do not offer the official 1-year warranty. We have various Resellers islandwide. Be sure to ask about their warranty policy.
We carry P2, P3, K3, P4, P5, T5, P6, P7, T7, H7, H7R, P14, P17 and X21.
We will soon have the long-awaited M-Series in the M1 and M5.
Make your EDC a LED Lenser today!

The BioVaultTM 2.0 (brochure here)
The BioVault is new in the market, being one of the few safes / vaults using a FingerChip for verification. For those of you who have not yet tried out the sensitivity, repeatability and reliability of such a fingerprint reader, we urge you to try it out for yourself on this well-made vault.
The doors spring open with a swipe of the finger. Supercool!
Uses 3D Cells (lasts one year) or AC Power supply. 
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