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Previously, when I used a normal lock, on several occasion, I actually forgot to take my keys from the door keyhole and left them hanging outside overnight without realizing it. With my new lock, I would not need to worry anymore because there are no keys or keyhole. Also, I never have to worry if the door is locked as it locks every time it shuts in the Automatic Locking mode.
-  Mohd Azrin, Punggol
I purchased two MyKey 2300 locks for my new home. The installation instructions were very easy to follow and the installation itself was a breeze. The locks work great. I stashed the supplied RFID keys in several places including my watch band, the glove boxes of our cars, our cell phones, my wallet, etc. so I'm never without a key handy.  The auto-locking feature is great because now my wife and I can just close the door and go, listening to the little chirp that says that the door is locked. When we had contractors in the house, it was a snap to temporarily turn off the auto-locking feature, and boy was the builder impressed! The MyKey 2300 is a neat toy, a great convenience, and a fantastic lock!  -  Daniel Einspanjer, Salem, NH, USA
Mykey 2300
The Mykey 2300 (RFID)
Up to 50 programmable RFID Cards
Automatic / Manual Locking Modes
Cool Blue Backlit Number Pad
Easy Programming and Usage
Imaginary Number feature
9V Backup Battery Point
Built-in Burglar Alarm
One-touch Operation
Hidden PIN Pad

Need we say any more??

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Mykey 2300 worldwide
We have had much success in overseas markets with several very good Resellers.  We have set up Resellers in quite a few countries already. Stable Resellers are in USA and Spain. Upcoming Resellers are in Canada, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Dubai. 
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