“The ScanGauge 2 with XGauge lets me monitor my car's condition at any point of time. Litres-per-100km, Litres-per-hour, Throttle Position and RPM monitoring help me check my right foot and helps save me petrol! With Petrol prices going through the roof, the ScanGauge is really helpful!” - Christopher Lim, Honda Jazz Owner, ScanGauge 2 user
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Angled view

Gauges Screen

Size compared to a key

Front and back view








Additional Features

User-friendly Menu Driven Operation
Simple 5-button operation allows you to quickly and easily access the powerful features of ScanGauge™ II.

Automatic Power-up and Power-down
The ScanGauge™ II automatically powers-up when you start your vehicle and powers-down a few seconds after you shut off your vehicle.

No Batteries Required
A single connection to the diagnostic connector under the dashboard is all that is needed. Built-in non-volatile flash memory retains setup information and store trip data.

Backlit Display and Buttons
The display and buttons are backlit for night use. The brightness level is adjustable to OFF, LOW and HIGH. Backlight colours can be customised too.

English and Metric Units
The Gauges and Trip Computer information can be shown in either English or Metric units of measure, including kilometres, litres, Celsius and kPA.

Programmable Commands
Any diagnostic command can be composed and sent to your vehicle's computer and ScanGauge™ II will capture display the response. This allows for future or special diagnostic commands.

Long Cord & Velcro Tapes
The Control / Display unit can be mounted up to 6 feet from the under-dash diagnostic connector. The included Velcro attachment tapes allows it to be mounted on, in or under the dash. It can be quickly detached and used to troubleshoot other vehicles.

Automatic Protocol Determination
The ScanGauge™ II automatically determines the type of protocol your vehicle uses and connects to it.

ScanGauge™ II Size :

12.2cm (length) 
3.8cm (height)
 2.5cm (depth)

ScanGauge™ II Manual :
PDF Format

ScanGauge™ I Brochure :
Download the brochure here
(PDF format)


For More Info on how to use the ScanGauge™ II and FAQs, please visit http://www.scangauge.com

To purchase or for a demo,
please contact us at
(65) 6726 7495
or email us at


Now in Singapore! The New ScanGauge™ 2 (II) 3-in-1 Automotive Computer is our latest gadget for your car. We have the new XGauge Version!

Scan Tool :  Retrieve diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) and reset warning lights.

Trip ComputerDisplay trip data with automatic trip-start feature.

Real-Time Digital Gauges : Display the current operating conditions of your vehicle in real-time.

The ScanGaugeII installs in seconds without any tools!
(Plus into the OBDII diagnostic connector already built into most 1996 and newer cars)

ScanGauge™ II Gives You More For Your Money!

With its built-in functionality, ScanGauge II provides information about your vehicle in real-time. The included Trip Computer provides real-time feedback while simultaneously tracking three sets of trip data. The Digital Gauges provide instant feedback on the conditions of your vehicle, and the built-in Scan Tool allows you to read trouble codes and diagnose potentially expensive problems before they get out of hand. All this in a small and simple to install unit that can be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle.

Easy to install - Simply Plug It In!
Plug the ScanGauge™ II into the OBDII connector under the dash with the key in the "ON" position, and the ScanGauge™ II will automatically connect to your 1996 or newer vehicle's computer. ScanGauge™ II does not require batteries and is equipped with a long cord allowing the ScanGauge™ II to be mounted anywhere in your vehicle. Since nothing is connected to different parts of the engine, the ScanGauge™ II will not void the warranty of your car at all.

Quality Construction
The ScanGauge™ II is made in USA using high-grade computer components with extended temperature ranges for the often brutal environment found in automobiles. The backlighting uses high-intensity LEDs which do not wear our or need replacement. The tactile feedback push-button switched have a solid feel and are designed for long-life.

Scan Tool Features
Read and Clear Trouble Codes (complete list of standard trouble codes)

  • Read conditions when problems are detected                         
  • Turn off warning lamps / "Check Engine" lamp (CEL)
  • See all trouble codes stored in the vehicle's computer
  • Step through each of the codes
  • Determine if tests have been run and if vehicle is ready for emissions testing
  • Detect and display preliminary codes that haven't turned on the "Check Engine" Lamp"

   Scan for error codes and clear them after repairs have been done.

Read Conditions That Existed When Trouble Occurred
ScanGauge™ II can display conditions such as RPM, Speed, temperature and other parameters that existed when the trouble occurred.  Determine if  the problem occurred when the engine was Hot or Cold, at high RPM or low RPM, at high speed or when not moving, etc..

Reset Trouble Codes and Conditions
Reset conditions for another capture to determine if the conditions that caused the problem are always the same.

Trip Computer Features
3 Independent Trip Computers

Current Trip
Designed to keep track of short trips, the Current Trip automatically restarts after t he engine has been off (0 RPM) for about 3 minutes.

Today's Trip
The Day Trip tracks cumulative information about the current day's trips and automatically resets after about 9 hours of inactivity (0 KPH).

Previous Day
After about 9 hours of inactivity, the Day Trip data is transferred to the Previous Day trip.

Current Trip showing maximum RPM reached

Each Trip Computer's data includes :
Trip Fuel Economy                           Trip Highest Speed
Trip Fuel Used                                 Trip Highest RPM
Trip Average Speed                         Trip Distance
Trip Highest Coolant Temperature     Trip Drive Time

The Current Trip data can be reset at any time. This is useful for making average Litres per 100km (LHK) versus speed and other short trip measurements.

Display up to 4 Gauges Simultaneously
Four different gauges can be displayed at the same time. Each digital gauge can be selected with a simple click of the button next to each position of the face of the ScanGauge™ II. The update rates can also be customised to suit your needs.

ScanGauge™ II showing LPH, KPL, KPH and RPM

ScanGauge™ II Includes the Following Digital Gauges :
Litres-per-100km (LHK)                       Throttle Position
Litres-per-Hour (LPH)                          Engine Load
Battery Voltage                                  RPM
Coolant Temperature                          Ignition Timing
Intake Air Temperature                       Open/Closed Loop

Some vehicles can also report : Manifold Absolute Pressure & Fuel Pressure

Update Rates :
Normal = 1.6 seconds
Slow = 3.2 seconds
Fast = 0.8 seconds (Note that not all cars can use this rate)

Money Saving Features!

Troubleshoot Your Vehicle
Modern cars are computer controlled and it often takes a computer to get the information needed to repair them, the ScanGauge™ II is such a computer. ScanGauge™ II can help you diagnose and troubleshoot problems by providing real-time data about your vehicle's codes and conditions when the problem occurred. With the ScanGauge™ II you can "pull the codes", make your own repairs and turn off warning lamps just like the pros.

Catch Problems Early
Catch problmes early and avoid costly repairs. ScanGauge™ II provides real-time gauges to show you what is going on "under the hood". If a problem occurs and readings start to change, you can catch things early before they become more expensive problems or leave you stranded and paying big towing bills.

Improve Gas Mileage
The US government has put out a report that says driving habits can change fuel-economy by up to 30%. Do you know what different driving styles do to your vehicle's fuel economy? ScanGauge™ II can help you determine the optimal driving style for your vehicle by providing real-time data about your vehicle's kilometres-per-litre, litres-per-hour, Trip Fuel used and trip Fuel Economy. Now you can adjust your driving style to improve your gas mileage and save fuel.

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