"We had seen such locks at new condominium launches and decided that it was the way to go. Finding the correct product to match our home was the difficult part, but The Gadget Home had just the right thing for our new home. No keys, no regrets!"  -  Shirley Teh, Gateman SR user
"Previously, when I used a normal lock, on several occasion, I actually forgot to take my keys from the door keyhole and left them hanging outside overnight without realizing it. With my new lock, I would not need to worry anymore because there are no keys or keyhole. Also, I never have to worry if the door is locked as it locks every time it shuts in the Automatic Locking mode."
-  Mohd Azrin, Punggol, Mykey 2300 user
"I purchased two MyKey 2300 locks for my new home. The installation instructions were very easy to follow and the installation itself was a breeze. The locks work great. I stashed the supplied RFID keys in several places including my watch band, the glove boxes of our cars, our cell phones, my wallet, etc. so I'm never without a key handy.  The auto-locking feature is great because now my wife and I can just close the door and go, listening to the little chirp that says that the door is locked. When we had contractors in the house, it was a snap to temporarily turn off the auto-locking feature, and boy was the builder impressed! The MyKey 2300 is a neat toy, a great convenience, and a fantastic lock!"  -  Daniel Einspanjer, Salem, NH, USA, Mykey 2300 user
"When I get back at the same time as my neighbour, I get in my apartment in 2 seconds, leaving him out there fiddling with his keys in the lock.  Adding to that, he has got three locks to open up, and each one has got a "FOR LOCKSMITH, CALL 90099XX9" sticker on it!  No locksmith gets into my apartment, since there's no keyhole to pick."   -  Dickson Ong, DoorCap user
"We don't carry keys for the home any longer. We never have to worry about losing our keys or leaving them in the keyhole, like previously. Every member of the family has access to the home at their fingertips, literally."   -  Clarence Ong, Jurong East, Virdi 450FP user
"Our family is very satisfied with this lock protecting our asset, our new condominium. The response is quick and the features justify the pricetag. All our friends who have seen the lock are impressed with it. It just takes one quick demo, locking ourselves out without a key, to have them understand the convenience and security of the lock. The funny thing is that many other apartments on our floor are now using Digital Locks. Copycats!"  -  Chan Meng Hong, Bukit Batok, Ditto user

"The LED Lenser flashlights are extremely well made. I brought my LL7438 Hokus Focus home and since it was so bright, it immediately ended up in my wife's handbag. I had to give you guys a call again to pick up another unit for myself. I'm thinking I should have gotten 2 since I know my son's going to be "borrowing" mine on a daily basis!"  John, Flashlight collector

"LED Lenser flashlights are ideal as presents for my clients. I have bought so many of them and given them as presents and I never have had one receiver not commenting about how bright it is and how useful it is!"  David, Insurance Agent

"My goodness! Looks like I can throw all my other torchlights away!"  Brendan, IT Analyst

"I'm really looking forward to the new models you guys are bringing in. Yes, I'm the policeman who has bought so many for his colleagues and friends and family. I want to have the new models NOW! P7 and X21, please!"  William, Police

"The Scangauge II really helped me out of a tight spot. New Year's Day and no workshop was available. With the SGII, I was able to clear the error codes on my (modded) Beemer M3 and get the car on the road.  The gauges are nice too, but what I really like is it's small format and really fast plug-n-playability."  -  Raj, BMW M3, ScanGauge II user

"I was able to spot the uncoming problems with my car since the gauges seemed to be running out of whack. Usual LPH consumption seemed to be going higher, which prompted me to check for error codes. My low battery voltage also prompted me to get my battery checked, then changed. I'm a firm believer that the ScanGauge II is a must-have for all drivers!"  -  Alan, Unknown (Modded) car, ScanGauge II user

"I saved my tires (and rims) twice in 3 months with early warning from the Orange TPMS! Thanks!"  -  Kelvin, Honda CrossRoad, Orange TPMS user

"I'm so particular about my tyre pressures that I used to check them twice a week! I even used to run my hands over the tyres to feel for nails and screws. With the Orange P409S TPMS, I can check my tyre pressures and temperatures from the comfort of my cockpit!"  -  Alvin, Mazda RX8, Orange TPMS user

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