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“We don't carry keys for the home any longer. We never have to worry about losing our keys or leaving them in the keyhole, like previously. Every member of the family has access to the home at their fingertips, literally.” -  Clarence Ong, Virdi 450FP user
Virdi 400FP Virdi 450FP  
The Virdi 400FP (Biometric)
This sleek model by Virdi is their top of the line model for homes and apartments.  Nothing needs to be slid, opened or moved for you to unlock your door. Just press the button, and place your fingerprint on the reader.  This unit is also easy to install and can be done easily by a DIYer.

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The Virdi 450FP (Biometric)
The Virdi 450FP is designed as an additional lock or replacement lock, which is suitable for apartments, homes, HDB and even offices.  Easy to use and learn, this makes a great lock to enhance the security of your main door. Stores up to 35 fingerprint templates in memory.

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